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Nyree is Clear for International Development

Nyree Gracey is an accomplished international educator, having acquired her BA in English at the University of Toronto and her Bachelor’s in Education at the University of Western Ontario.  Nyree has worked around the globe teaching English  in developing countries.  In addition to her experience managing a health clinic in East Timor, Nyree is a talented architect of natural remedies.

I first had a Clearing session with Judi in the summer of 2005 to resolve a problem with my hip. The condition was genetic;  almost all of my father’s brothers and sisters have the wonky ‘Gracey hip’ and walk with a limp. Before I saw Judi, I was finding it difficult to walk standing up straight and also painful getting into and out of a car.  At the time I was 35 years of age.  My body responded immediately.  This was the first time that I had ever felt energy work in such a strong way.  My hip (and I) felt better within half an hour.

I have continued to have Clearing sessions with Judi over the years when I have felt stuck in some way. I always find them to be interesting and effective.  I often feel a palpable shift in my attitude and perceptions right away.  The Clearing Sessions Judi facilitates are quite profound.

I would not hesitate to recommend Judi’s work to anyone.  In fact, I wish everyone I knew would make use of her!


Anne Finds Her Peace

Anne Peace has been a Public Health Nurse (Bachelor of Science of Nursing), and Early Childhood Educator and a Coach.  Anne began her Clearing Experience program in 2009.

My heart is full of gratitude as I reflect over the last two years of Clearing sessions with Judi.  For 40 years I have searched out many professional helpers to support my personal growth.  I have looked for insight, support and strategies to help me live through the many challenges and opportunities that life offers.

As I reflect on my work with Judi she has offered me more healing and insight than I ever thought possible.  Judi’s gifts have touched my life deeply and profoundly.  She has supported me in making a deeper connection to myself and taught me how to connect to my own wisdom. I am enjoying a daily life that is more peaceful, more accepting, and healthier and where my relationship with myself is more loving and compassionate. I celebrate Judi’s wisdom in living in the place where she is honouring her gifts that she generously shares with me.  Judi takes Clearing to another level that is breathtaking for me.

Dr. Ed Chicoine’s Marathon of Health for the Wellness Revolution

Check out this AMAZING client; Dr. Ed Chicoine and his family.

Inspired by his firsthand witness of Terry Fox on his original Marathon of Hope in 1980, a dream was born inside Dr. Ed Chicoine. In 2010 he announced to the world in a press release that he would embark on his own Marathon of Health across Canada.

In the fall of 2010, the day after the press release to announce that he would be running a marathon a day from coast to coast, Dr. Ed incurred a physical injury that threatened the entire Marathon of Health project.

A trusted friend referred him to me and Dr. Ed’s CLEARING Experience  began.  Through his Clearing Sessions Dr. Ed became so clear, body, mind and spirit, that his lifelong dream not only became a reality and doubled, or tripled…..it octupled!

 Dr Ed and seven other members of his family launched on the Marathon of Health, running 90 kms a day across North America and back !

What an honour it was to walk beside him on that journey.  With a Clear Path in front of them, Dr. Ed and the Chicoine’s are off running on their Marathon of Health raising funds and awareness to help youth improve their level of fitness is the future of our country.

An inspiring family indeed!   Read more about the Chicoine family’s Wellness revolution.

Dynamic Entrepreneur Discovers Hidden AllergiesLiz

At 41 Liz was a successful entrepreneur who was dealing with a cluster of physical issues: acid reflux, stomach aches and nausea. As a baby she was diagnosed with food allergies and throughout her life she had been retested and had avoided those foods that triggered symptoms. These new symptoms were frustratingly stubborn and seemed to be intensifying which was unnerving her. After exhausting the resources that the traditional medical model had offered her and even after significant positive changes involving yoga and lifestyle, Liz turned to Judi for help. Working together in in Clearing Sessions, Liz discovered that she had been gluten intolerant. Her relief at the symptoms and pain receding was immense. Subsequent Clearing Sessions with Judi have helped her lose weight, release the pain of old traumatic events, and be more present and playful in her day-to-day life.

Business Owner Reconnects With His Midas Touch

DavidAfter 38 successful years running my business I was at the top of my game: business was up, referrals were steady, and my solid reputation was growing my profit at a time when many businesses were folding.

Then a personal crisis hit: caring for my ailing 99 year old mother became my primary focus. Not only was she ill, but I also had to deal with a caretaker who was embezzling funds from her. The next several months involved  police action and grappling with a wrongful dismissal lawsuit prior to my mother’s passing. My personal world was in chaos. Even though I was doing my best to juggle my enterprise with my personal life,  my business suffered as well and I watched as the phone became quiet, my profits fell, and my confidence in my success waned.

On the recommendation of my wife I contacted Judi for a Clearing Session. To my relief and surprise, within 24 hours of our first session I felt as if everything was back on track, orders were coming in again, and I felt the stress and pessimism of the previous year suddenly falling away.

I am grateful to Judi for her insight and experience in helping me navigate this truly challenging time in my life.

~ David Warsh, Toronto, ON, Canada

ArlenBusiness man, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Arlen S. says,

“Your interest in my interests is what keeps me coming back – it is noticeable that you care.”

Business owner and entrepreneur Linda C. says,Linda

“A feeling that you genuinely cared about my well being. Your intuitive knowing. Your ability to bring out issues is a gentle way and help to help them clear.”

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