5 Lessons on Healing & Self-Knowledge

Self Knowledge: Knowledge or understanding of one’s own nature, abilities, and limitations; insight into oneself.

The path of holistic healing is synonymous with the path of self-knowledge. I did not know this when I began to consciously walk my own healing path. I was stuck; feeling lost, confused, and broken. I was in pain.

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Keep Calm and Give Love

The collective energetic weather this week has been frequently unsettled, with sudden anxious periods.  Many are noticing their moods and internal dialogue flipping from one extreme to another. Read More »

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Shift Happens! Are YOU the Key to Change?


As each of us works towards individual change, we change the world.

If you do not like living on a planet where the water is polluted, consider that your body is made up of more than 70% water. What will you do in your own life to stop polluting yourself mentally, emotionally and physically? Read More »

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Can You Feel It?

There is something absolutely AMAZING happening on our planet RIGHT NOW!

This week there has been a HUGE influx of divine love that brings with it the possibilities we have all been waiting for. In fact, the evening October 26th was a special time I will be celebrating for the rest of 2016 and beyond! We reached a tipping point quotient of light and love on the planet that will usher us swiftly into the 5th dimensional energy we have all been waiting to enjoy.

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What Box?

Many people have become preoccupied with trying to think out of the box, jump over hurdles, heal their past or overcome a challenge. I have even encountered people feeling guilty because they have no problems. Yep…..their problem is that they have no problems. Read More »

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What If?

What if your current point of view is the thing that is creating all the stuck energy in your life?

What if asking questions is the way to create space for more to show up?

What if you always ask a question? Read More »

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