Accepting Responsibility for Your Health in 2011

The most extensive and untapped resource in modern medicine is the power of every person to heal himself.  Millions of people put the responsibility of their responsibility of their personal health care in the hands of others.  In many cases, the underlying cause is rarely dealt with.  I challenge you to take charge of your own health.  Make sure that your lifestyle choices are healthy ones.  Accept primary responsibility for maintaining your health.  Learn about your body, how to avoid illness and support health.

Your best defence against illness is your immune system working at it’s optimum level.  What you think directly affects the efficacy of your immune system.  Do some research so you can make educated decisions about what is best for you.

Set new intentions to counter old habits.  Habits play a part in reinforcing behaviour.  They can strengthen our resolve through positive habits but they can intensify problems through negative thoughts and beliefs.  Because of their routine nature, they are counterproductive to positive change within yourself.  Only you can change yourself.  All true and permanent change comes from within.  Understand that in order to improve your well-being, you must first believe that this is possible.  The following three statements illustrate the progression necessary to bring your belief systems in line with the possibilities of self-healing.

1)   I can be well again.  (possible)

2)   I will be well again.  (probable)

3)   I am well again.  (being well)

Wellness involves looking carefully at your lifestyle; at your habits, attitudes and emotions.  Those seeking better health must have a true desire to reach the goal of being well.

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