I am just back from a tropical getaway on the Big Island!  Hawaii has been on my bucket list for a while.   I am feeling blessed.  The energy there was fabulous.  Gorgeous scenery, beautiful weather, stunning sights both above and below the water.  I came so close to hot running lava as it poured into the ocean I could feel the intense heat!  Wow!   Just hours ago I was swimming with a white tip shark!  I brought back more than enough fabulous aloha energy and the gentle Hawaiian vibe to share.  Stay tuned to the blog for more to come.

My time just before my trip was very busy.  Bonnie, Jessica and I have made major improvements to our online Book & Pay system to allow you to do it all within one visit to the Internet.  The cherry on top is the New Frequent Flyer Rate Schedule offering a 48% savings per session.

Click here to use our quick and simple online Book & Pay system to schedule your next Clearing Session(s) with me.

Once you have made one or more booking requests for Clearing sessions you will be taken to the online shop to complete payment.  You will be led through the entire system by clicking the link above.

Note!  Please pay only for the sessions that you book.  Each time you want to book one or more sessions, you just pop online, make the booking request(s) and then make a payment for what you booked.  Easy peasy!  Just be sure to book ahead to you can get the time and date that you want.   Once more people catch on to how easy it is to book and pay online, the dates and times will begin to disappear.

Let us know if you have any questions.   Your feedback is appreciated.  If there is anything we can do to improve or enhance your online experience we would love to hear it from you.  Our goal is to make things as clear, quick and easy as possible.

Reminder!  Don’t forget to click here to check out the New Frequent Flyer Rate Schedule.  You can take advantage of 48% savings being offered per session.  The more frequently your sessions, the better the rate.  And…..more frequent sessions mean better results.

Read what regular sessions have done for others:

Click here to check out my Blog.

Follow this link to read about some more Success Stories

Getting clear is the first step.  Staying clear is the goal.

Looking forward to connecting with you  soon!



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