Barking Dogs

I recently read a blog from Seth Godin in which he wrote,

“Knowing about a tool is one thing. Having the guts to use it in a way that brings art to the world is another. Perhaps we need to spend less time learning new tools and more time using them.”

Well said.

Simple tools applied effectively is the basis for all of the work that I do.  Don’t complicate things.  Consistency is the key.

An insightful mentor once said to me, “If you stop for every barking dog, you will never get where you are going.”

How would this apply to blocks you are experiencing in your health, career, relationships or finances?

There will be a lot of barking dogs in life; distractions are ever present.  Don’t kid yourself, life is full of them.  That’s just life.  If you are waiting for distractions to stop so you can begin, you are not going to get very far.

There will always be barking dogs.  The question is are you going to stop or keep going?

In the Spirit of Clear Living,

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