Become One With Your Crown Chakra

The 7 Week Chakra Tease

This article is the last in a 7 part series inviting you to take a closer look…and feel…of your energy, one chakra at a time.

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Become One With Your Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is a mystery, yet our relationship with this chakra will determine our relationship with our Soul, with Spirit, with God, with Allah, with the Universe, however you want to frame it in your belief system. 

The crown chakra is our gateway to higher realms of consciousness. This chakra’s Sanskrit name, Sahasrara, means thousandfold, a direct reference to the thousand-petaled lotus, sacred to Hindus.

The crown chakra connects us to higher consciousness and pure awareness. The seventh chakra is known as the “Thousand Petaled Lotus.”  According to ancient tradition, this thousand-petaled lotus sits at the crown of the head and represents enlightenment, wholeness and infinity.’’

By tapping into the crown chakra we can live more spiritually, bringing a sense of the sacred into our everyday life. By connecting with our crown chakra, we can become more aware and mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions and bodies. As this awareness develops, our sensitivity grows. This increased psychic sensitivity enhances a deeper connection with ourselves and with others, allowing us to live in a more soulful and spiritual way. Through connecting with our crown chakra, we can begin to find value and depth in the most simple of our daily experiences.


Location: The crown of the skull.

Central issue: Awareness, spiritual search for meaning, issues of karma and grace, grace bank account, spiritual awakening, divine discontent.

Color: Purple, white, gold, silver.

Essential Oils: Jasmine, frankincense.

Crystals and Stones: Diamond, clear quartz, moldavite, selenite, pyrite.

Orientation to self: Self-knowledge.

Goals: Wisdom, knowledge, spiritual connection, consciousness.

Rights: To know

Identity: Universal identity

Level of relationship: Relationship to our life’s true purpose, relationship between the ego and the higher self, relationship to God and spirit.

Demon: Attachment

Element: Thought

Organs: The muscular and skeletal system, skin, central nervous system.

Excessive: Over-intellectualization, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation from body.

Deficient: Spiritual cynicism, learning difficulties, rigid belief systems, apathy, materialism, greed, domination of others.

Balanced: Sense of spiritual connection, open-minded, wisdom and mastery, broad understanding, intelligent, thoughtful, aware, ability to perceive, analyze and assimilate information.

Physical Dysfunctions: Energetic disorders, mystical depression, coma, migraines, brain tumours, amnesia, chronic exhaustion not linked to physical disorder, sensitivity to light, sound and other environmental factors

Addictions: Religion, spiritual practices

Traumas and Addictions: Spiritual abuse, forced religiosity, blind obedience, misinformation, lies, withheld information, invalidation of one’s beliefs

Spiritual challenges: Hope and faith, spiritual conscience. Spiritual quests and questions of your life: For what purpose was I born? What is truth? What is the deeper meaning of life? Can I find that? Failure to hear and respond to these questions can lead to anxiety and depression.

Healing Strategy: Re-establish physical, emotional, spirit connection, spiritual discipline, meditation, examine belief systems, goal setting



“I am connected to and supported by everything in the universe.”

“I am open to experiencing my true nature.”

“I know my purpose for being on this planet and take joy in walking my unique path.”

“Each day, I become more conscious.”

“I walk the path of enlightenment.”

“I release all limited thoughts and lift myself up to higher levels of awareness.”

“I am one with the universe.”


Throughout this week, devote time every day for your crown chakra affirmations. Perhaps imagine yourself sitting in the lotus of the crown chakra and let the brilliant white light flood through you as you say and embody these healing words.


Close your eyes and imagine that a sparkling cord of light is pulling ever so smoothly, ever so gently, from the top of your head – almost like a crown umbilical cord. You look up and see that this cord travels high up into the sky, and is connected to the whole Universe. Spend a few minutes sitting in silence with your awareness on this connection. When you are ready, open your eyes and bring your awareness back into the room.


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