In many illnesses or roadblocks in life, the individual’s habits are a contributing factor.  The first step to healing yourself is examining your habits and practices from a non-biased, or objective, point of view.  Recall everything that you did today that may have had a negative impact on your health and therefore your life.  If you are having difficulty doing this, ask a close friend or relative who knows you well.  Ask that person to tell you honestly how she thinks you could improve your lifestyle.

It may be more difficult to recognize an underlying negative lifestyle factor, such as stress, than a more obvious poor choice, such as smoking.  Changing your lifestyle for the better can only have a positive impact, so it is essential to have the willpower and discipline to make the necessary changes.

This approach to analyzing your lifestyle involves not only becoming aware of the negative aspects that are causing problems but focusing on those that will create a positive impact in your life.  Make all your choices healthy ones.  Decide what habits and practices you must change and take appropriate action to change them.  Take control of this power that you have to change any unhealthy habits, and consequently, your life.  This amounts to only a fraction of the incredible potential of self-empowerment at your disposal.

I have received many e-mails from people seeking help who have a lung related disease, only to find out that they are still smoking.  If they can not throw away the cigarettes, do they sincerely have the desire to get better and heal themselves?

For those who wish to improve their relationships, career, finances or health.  When you are ready to match your habits to your wish list, magic happens!

It would be unwise to spend the time and energy helping someone who refuses to make such changes and continues the behaviour that may have caused or at least contributed to the problem in the first place.  The desire to take positive steps for your life is the same desire that will empower you to improve.  Life points one in the right direction for healing; it is you who must continue in that direction.  It is your body and your life, so take care of it.  You are ultimately in charge.

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