Deeper Trust in Life and Confidence in Business for Maxine Warsh

On the Open Call this week Maxine Warsh shared her Clearing Experience story.

Maxine Warsh is an idea person. When she has an idea, she runs with it—that’s how Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation was born. With only a business card and a propensity for networking, Maxine built her business from the ground up. 

An entrepreneur in the facial rejuvenation business, Maxine developed a line of all-natural skin care products and her own MWFR-brand of cosmetic microcurrent technology. A Miami expat now living in Toronto, Ontario, Maxine has a B. Sc. from the University of Florida in Gainesville and is expanding new locations. She is also involved in a publishing venture, online retail, and event management.

In 2012 Maxine was named one of Canada’s top Business Women by Women’s Post.

In Maxine’s words…

“I started working with Judi 2 1/2 years ago. While meeting a friend for lunch one day I noticed she had a much more relaxed way of being.  When I shared a personal problem I was having with a family member, my friend said she was working with Judi and suggested I call her. I bless the day I found Judi and have never looked back. My health has improved  (as a side effect) as well as my personal relationships. I feel a deeper trust in the way things are in my life and have much more confidence to move ahead with my business ventures.”

open call with judi bechard


How did Maxine make the most of her Clearing sessions?

CLICK HERE to listen to Maxine share her story.

Grab a pen, you are going to want to jot some of this down!


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