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I recently posted the image below on Facebook with the following text:

“This is my idea of how to spend the second 40 years of my life. You only get one body and you are 100% responsible for the shape it’s in. It’s never too late to improve. Are you ready to do something about it NOW? I am looking for 5 people who are searching for the answer to living healthier longer – NOW. Are you one of them?”

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There were a lot of great comments that were posted.  You can read them here…
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One comment in particular accentuated the frustration that many people feel when dealing with circumstances effecting our health that seem to be beyond our control.


Charlie from England, currently living in Thailand, commented:

this simply is not true , we can choose to look after ourselves only to a point there are hundreds of variables from genetically inherited diseases , to being badly hurt in a car accident not of your making, poverty, war, environment , ext millions of people do not have a choice.

This is a valid point and I can totally relate to this perspective as I used to feel the same way.

Here is what I replied:

great point Charlie……thanks for your post. We should add the caveat that poverty and war are extreme circumstances that are often beyond our control as there are so many external factors. An excellent point. I do hope that this post was clearly referring to those of us who have access to fresh food, clean water and shelter…and are not being bombed.

Apart from those extremes I must site that I have extensive experience in working with people who have been in car accidents, inherited diseases, been effected by the environment, and so many other challenging and extreme variables…..who have courageously stepped into the driver’s seat of their health and well-being. They have been able to understand the powerful connection between mind and body and make use of this connection to nurture their bodies into a state of health and well-being, in spite of what appears to be insurmountable circumstances.

Myself having had chronic headaches for over a decade as well as failing eyesight for 13 years….. I am a small example of this, but one I am highly qualified to share, as I was living in chronic daily pain for over a decade. If you look at my family medical history you would easily site this as genetic…..but when I was age 30 I learned how to take a completely different approach to my relationship with and what was “happening to me”. This new mindset had me develop a completely new covenant with my body and my health. I was able to alleviate the genetic factors impacting my health that contributed to my predisposition of inheriting these conditions. I have now been headache free and eyeglass free for well over 9 years. Also, my medical tests show that I am biologically younger.

There are countless examples of many people doing this and so much more. The body is highly underrated in its ability to heal, but more-so, we have only just begun to tap into the immense power of the mind-body connection.

I have recently begun to share some of the success stories of my clients from around the world. I think you will be particularly interested in the most recent story about Nyree.

If you, or someone you know is facing an extreme health challenge, it does take learning and commitment to effect change, but creating a different outcome is certainly well within the realm of possibility. Speaking from a decade of personal and clinical experience, if you are one who has strong determination and a healthy attitude, it is absolutely within the realm of probability.

What kept my health from improving?  I simply did not know at the time that the power to change was well within my capability.  Quite simply, no one had ever shown me that this was possible, and so I felt trapped by my circumstances of failing health.  I was frustrated, sad and yes….angry!

The idea of my health staying this uncomfortable or declining further spurred me to continue searching for a solution.  How could I live with this pain for the next 20, 30, 40, or 50 years?  And furthermore, what other complications was this creating in my head with all this pressure?   Yes, I was also very concerned about the unknowns.

My turning point was a dramatic one.  So much so that it spurred me on to a complete transformation.  My health, relationships and my career were all effected.

I will share more of details of my story as well as the stories of many of my clients through this blog and Facebook during 2012.  My goal, to demonstrate what is not only possible, but what has already happened for many.

More to come….stay tuned!

And… the way…… more than 5 people responded and decided they are ready to live healthier longer, so I have opened the Clear Body program up to accept 15 this January.   Call me if you are ready to do something about your health – NOW.

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