Healing Your Vision From the Inside Out

After seeing me in the Voyage to Betterment documentary, one of the questions I am frequently asked is, “How did you heal your own eyes?”

From the ages of 17 to 29 I had to wear eyeglasses.  My failing eyesight was accompanied by daily chronic headaches.  During my morning shower I would do the “shake test”.  This involved gently wiggling my head from side to side for a moment to check which stage of pain I was in.  Using the shake test I could accurately measure how many hours until the headache would be in full force.  Some days I could make it until mid-morning before the headache was excruciating, other days I had until just after lunch time before the pain had taken over.  Only those closest to me were aware that I endured this daily discomfort.  Those with chronic pain find creative ways to live with and around the pain.

Year after year I went from doctor to chiropractor to massage therapist to Chinese herbalist and the like.  Hundreds of appointments and many thousands of dollars.  Everything brought some element of temporary relief, but no resolution.  My silent desperation grew.

It was in the depths of this discomfort that I hit my bottom and it was at the bottom that I woke up from the dream I had been in.  This dream had entrained me to believe that the answer to my discomfort was a mystery and the solution was external.  When I woke up from this dream, I understood that none of this pain was happening “to me”, I was a part of it and always had been.   This moment of inner clarity and awareness changed my life.  Moments such as this are what I have come to call a CLEARING Experience.

Once awake as an active and willing participant, I learned how I effect my body and my life.  This understanding, partnered with consistent daily action, was the catalyst which allowed my life and my body began to change significantly.  In 90 days I was headache free and in another 90 days I released my eye glasses and have never used them since.

Today I help others awaken and get CLEAR by teaching them how to connect and participate with their own bodies and lives in ways that they may not have understood were possible.

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