Leap Year: 366 Days to Create Something Amazing

A whole extra day!  How will you spend it?  A great opportunity to pause, and reflect on what the last 365 days have brought and what you would like to aim for in the next 366.

Are you stuck in a health, career, relationship or financial issue?  In the complex and busy world that is the 21st Century,  many people are feeling stuck and confused. To add to the frustration the cause of this discomfort is often unclear.


The Clearing Experience offers programs and simple tools to help you get unstuck.  This is an inspiring and honest program designed for individuals who take their personal development to heart and who are open to tapping into their intuition to help guide and improve their lives.  This is a no nonsense program.  Straight to the point, effective and totally results oriented. It’s also fun, compassionate and inspiring.  Healing doesn’t have to be hard.

Your next step: Leap into action and set the pace for the next 366 days!

New to my work?
Book a Starter Session with me, which is absolutely FREE.  Get clear about your goals and learn how it all works.

Already Started Clearing?
We can take your Clearing work deeper and chart a course that will take you where you really want to be!

I’m ready when you are!

In the Spirit of Clear Living,

judi bechard

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