Better Health and HUGE Profits for Gloria MacDonald!

gloria macdonald and perfect partners

On the Open Call this week Gloria McDonald shared her Clearing Experience story.

Gloria is a matchmaker and the Founder and President of Perfect Partners Relationship Search Inc. Gloria grew up on the East Coast of the US where she earned a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a Master’s degree from Lesley College in Boston. Gloria is a dual citizen of Canada and the US. Toronto is the city that she loves and calls home.

In Gloria’s words…

“I’ve worked with Judi for about a year and a half and have had AMAZING results in lots of areas in my life, especially physical/health, business and financial. On the physical/health front in addition to the clearing of a few lingering effects from a minor car accident, a major breakthrough for me was the ability to swallow pills. I’d never been able to swallow pills and have tried on numerous occasions. With the clearing work that I did with Judi, I can now swallow 4 natural vitamins/supplements at a time!

In this past year of my work with Judi, largely due to the clarity I gained around the energy of money, the revenues increased in my business by 38% and my net profit was up by 145% at year end!!!“

open call with judi bechardHow did Gloria get those results?

CLICK HERE to listen to Gloria share her story.

Grab a pen, you are going to want to jot some of this down!

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