Peaceful Easy Feeling

A Peaceful Easy Feeling

I sit here on the balcony of the guest house, watching the sun go down.   From the restaurant/pub across the way I can hear the sound of guitars with the mixture of Thai and western voices gently singing out songs from The Eagles, James Taylor and the Thai all time favourite, John Denver.   The only thing that the Thai’s I have met like better than hearing a John Denver song is singing along with one, which I find absolutely endearing and contagious!

My days begin early as I connect with others to carry out Clearing Sessions.  Then it’s off to yoga training followed by a fruit smoothie with my teacher and a few new friends.  My rented bicycle helps me navigate the sois (side streets) and roads of Chiang Mai efficiently.  How grateful I am to be able to explore the city on two wheels, yoga mat across my back, heading from temple to market to garden to open air restaurant.

So many stories from so many interesting people.  A 69 year old Buddhist nun who joined monastic life 2 years ago, a 65 year old American man from Maryland who winters in Chiang Mai and longs to make the city his permanent home, a 30-something Thai couple with a beautiful love story and a twinkle in their eye, a former Buddhist monk with who retired from monastic life to take care of his aging father, a British ex-pat who traded in the “western dream” to follow his dream of a gentle life, an American acupuncturist who has just found a significant piece of herself and young woman with a masters degree soon to move with her fiancé to San Francisco.  The list goes on.  Rich stories and beautiful people.    You will see pictures of many of them on my Facebook page.

Coming soon…… pictures and a story about the most amazing natural park I have ever witnessed!

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