See Into Your Third Eye Chakra

The 7 Week Chakra Tease

This article is the 6th in a 7 part series inviting you to take a closer look…and feel…of your energy, one chakra at a time.

See Into Your Third Eye Chakra

“Close both eyes. Look from the other eye.” Rumi

When it comes to our intuition and our psychic abilities – natural talents that are innate to us all – there is nothing more healing than a vibrant, balanced third eye chakra.

The third eye chakra, also known as the brow chakra is located between the eyes. It’s the center of insight, where we integrate all the information and intuition in our life. When energy isn’t flowing easily through this chakra, we have a sense of self-doubt and distrust. When it’s open and clear, we feel deeply connected to our inner wisdom and trust that it guides us in our choices.

Having a healthy third eye can assist us in using our intuition and insight without fear and without delusion. When we bring our third eye chakra into balanced activity, our clairvoyance opens up, and we can begin to truly see what is going on within our lives.

Awakening the third eye opens us up to higher levels of perception through our intuition, and allows us to gain a greater command of life through the use of our imagination. We are able to visualise, receive dream images, recall memories and tap into archetypal energies.

When we dream at night, a series of images are played out through the lens of the third eye. These nightly visual journeys can be likened to personalized screenplays portraying the stories of our inner life. By paying attention to these internal movies we can begin to explore the dynamic relationship between consciousness and the unconscious. And when we awaken the third eye, our dreams and insights become much more meaningful, full of guidance and wisdom

Location: The centre of the forehead, brow.

Central issue: Intuition, imagination, ability to see one’s life clearly, use of the mind/intellect.

Color: Indigo

Essential Oils: Geranium, lavender, rosemary, spearmint.

Crystals and Stones: Amethyst, azurite, fluorite, lepidolite.

Orientation to self: Self-reflection

Goals: Psychic perception, imagination, seeing clearly, accurate interpretation.

Rights: To see

Identity: Archetypal identity.

Level of relationship: Our relationship to knowledge, wisdom and vision.

Demon: Illusion

Element: Light

Hormonal glands: The pituitary and the pineal gland.

Organs: The brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, face.

Excessive: Hallucination, nightmares, obsessions, delusions, difficulty concentrating, headaches.

Deficient: Poor vision and memory, insensitivity, lack of imagination, difficulty visualizing, difficulty seeing the future, can’t remember dreams, denial.

Balanced: Intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, good memory, able to visualize, able to think symbolically, able to remember dreams.

Physical Dysfunctions: Headaches, eye and ear disease, nose and sinus problems, facial nerve problems, nightmares, brain tumour, stroke, neurological disturbances, seizures, full spinal difficulty, learning disabilities

Addictions: Hallucinogens, marijuana

Traumas and Abuses: Frightening environment (war, violence), what you see does not go with what you are told, invalidation of intuition and psychic occurrences

Spiritual challenges: Pride and the ability to make judgements. The spiritual lessons relate to insight and intuition, to seeing beyond the visible.

Healing Strategy: Meditation, visual stimulation, create visual art, coloring and drawing, working with memory, dream work, hypnosis, guided visualization, past life regression therapy.


“The answers to all my questions lie within me..

“I trust my insight and intuition.”

“I see clearly both in the physical and subtle worlds.”

“I see and understand the “big picture”.

“My intellect is a powerful tool for good.”

“I envision and create beauty and goodness.”

“I am open to experiencing non-ordinary reality.”

“I trust my inner self to guide and protect me.”

“My imagination is vivid and powerful.”

“I am open to the wisdom within me.”



Try and make affirmations for the third eye a part of your everyday practice this week. Choose the affirmations that resonate most for you, or create your own. Voice each affirmation (either silently or out loud) and place a copy of your affirmations somewhere you can see them every day.


Sitting comfortably, softly close your eyes, and focus your awareness at Ajna, at the centre of your forehead. Concentrate on this spot and visualise a silver flame, a white moon, a shining star, or a silver figure that comes intuitively to you. Sit quietly contemplating this symbol resting in your third eye as your daily meditation. In time, it will begin to open up your third eye chakra and you will begin to open more easily to expanded states of consciousness. Here, you leave behind everyday thinking reality and enter the timeless world of a broader, more Universal, consciousness. Here you see (still “through a glass darkly”, but a little more clearly now) the truth of how things are.


The 7 Week Chakra Tease will continue next week with the Crown Chakra.  Think connection, awareness, spirituality, higher consciousness, and a sense of the sacred!

Until then….stay clear and breathe deeply.

In the Spirit of Clear Living,



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