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A great question came in from a Clearing Experience client the other day.  Penelope has had a few One to One Clearing sessions so far, she made amazing personal progress and was taking the necessary steps to continue her energy medicine at home.  Penelope wrote:

I had 4 out of 5 situations causing me stress recently sort themselves out! And for the 5th, I’m thinking about getting some lavender cream and rubbing it on my chest (heart- where it hurts most) and concentrating on my breath (aromatic remedy) to try to reduce stress. The reason I’m emailing you is do you think there are any other scents I should be looking for that might help with this.

I love this!  Penelope is not only participating in their Clearing Experience, but she is proactively seeking out solutions that she can implement to help herself.  Yessss!

Everything is ENERGY and it all effects you and your state of health and well-being.  Using aromatherapy in a program of self-care in addition to one to one sessions is incredibly helpful and effective.

I happily replied….

“I love to use frankincense and myrrh.  A gorgeous combination.

I keep lavender, Arabian sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh handy in my workspace and in my purse.  Lavender drops in distilled water in a spray bottle to spritz.  Frankincense and myrrh are in an oil that I rub on my wrists and neck (warm spots) which keeps the aroma around me for grounding, openness and relaxation during the day.  Arabian sandalwood is simply gorgeous…earthy and sensual…..I like to wear this one on dates!;)

Beautiful effects to be felt. Very calming and centring to the mind.  You can also add them to your bath water for a decadent treat and then slip into a deep sleep.

Have fun playing!

Be clear about the carrier oil that is being used if you buy a blend.  You don’t want anything that will change the quality of the oil, or pollute your body with chemicals.”

My Shopping Tip:

Find some high quality locally made essential oil blends where you are.  How?  Check out natural health stores or look up an aromatherapist in your area.  They will know!  Of course go organic for your essential oils…no brainer.  Clear those nasty chemicals out of your body and your life.

What do I use?

Last fall on a trip to Sedona I found an excellent brand of essential oils from Kuumba Made.  I enjoyed them so much I got more on my next trip a few weeks ago.

Last week, just days after replying to Penelope I spent a few days in Las Vegas.  I saw the Kuumba Made product line at Sunflower Farmer’s Market.  Their website also mentions it being carried by Wholefoods Market. They also ship if you do not have a store location near you.

Not sure which essential oils are right for you?  Smell them and see how your body and mind respond.  Get in there and sense it for yourself!

Update on Penelope

A few days after our email exchange I saw a Facebook post Penelope posted on her wall which read, “Actually said out loud for the first time ever.. I will not tolerate abuse of any kind.. And believed it!! :D “

And that folks….is someone who has stepped into their own clarity, decided to move forward and is taking all the necessary actions to see it through.

So….go ahead…. surround yourself in the energy medicine of aromatherapy and see what happens!

In the Spirit of Clear Stinking Energy!

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