What’s Your Love Story?

The closer we get to another person (or the closer we want to become to them), the more our loose ends begin to show!  It’s like any insecurity or doubt you’ve ever had is now on a loud speaker!  There is more at stake…more to lose; at least that’s how it can feel.  Yikes!

How can you tell if you have a great love story?  It’s easier than you think.  Ask yourself this simple question.  How’s it been going for you so far?  That’s your first clue!

Are You Ready to Write A New Love Story In Your Life?

Don’t underestimate what the The Clearing Experience can do your relationship.

If you want to….

…Prepare for a new, healthy and loving relationship,
Improve the relationship you are currently in…or
…Find the courage to move on from a less than loving story

Book your Clear Relationship Discovery Session where we will…

..clearly assess your situation
…clarify your goals for a Clear and Loving Relationship
decide which of the 3 levels of
The Clearing Experience
is right for you

Simply email
or call 250-483-5834

CLICK ON THE GIANT RED HEART to the right to listen me being interviewed about Clear Relationships by Gloria MacDonald, Toronto’s PremierMatchmaker of Perfect Partners.


Clear Relationships
Gloria MacDonald


For all those in the Greater Toronto Area who would like to work directly with Perfect Partners to find their perfect match,  Gloria is offering up to $500 dollars off  the personalized matchmaking programs! www.perfectpartners.ca

For more details, contact Perfect Partners directly at 416-233-9541 or send an e-mail to .




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