Home & Land Clearing

Clear Energy in Your Home

Why do some properties feel like  “just a house”, while others feel “like home”?

You’ve probably entered a home or business and immediately felt you didn’t want to be there… and in other cases – upon walking in the front door you’ve felt immediately comfortable and relaxed.   After all, each of us has a sense that tells us whether a space feels right.

Positive  energy  plays an integral role in how we feel in spaces and places.

Once a house has been cleared the space  feels better, more settled and far more comfortable to be in.  People like being there and relations flow more smoothly.

Bottom line…your house become a home.

Who Can Benefit From Energy Clearing?

Home Sellers

Are you preparing your house for the market?

Home selling is full of unknowns and mysteries. One of them is why houses don’t sell when all other market conditions are met. What if potential buyers sense something that makes them more inclined to walk away then?

Why not create a clear pathway for your buyers?  Just as you remove clutter and clean the house to prepare it for sale, you can create a positive flow of clear energy to keep things moving.

I change the way properties feel and how people respond to to them. I clear energy that can keep a property from selling so it does not become a stagnant listing.

Home Buyers

Get off to a crystal clear start in your new home!  Make it your own. Rather than picking up random energy left hanging around why not clear the energy of  the previous occupants?

Even new houses have discordant energies from construction practices, not to mention the history of the land itself.

So, whether you have a heritage home, a brand new build, or anything in between.

Time for a clean sweep!


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