How Does It Work?


Judi Bechard is in her second decade of practicing Energy Medicine offering  sessions over the phone or Skype to people across the globe.  You will benefit from the formal studies, personal mentoring, clinical experience and personal dedication that are an integral to The Clearing Experience.



Judi is trained in the following modalities:

  • Energy Practitioner – Master Accreditation
  • Eliminating Interference Patterning of DNA™
  • Rapid Healing™
  • Total Body Modification (TBM)™
  • Therapeutic Touch™
  • Reiki™
  • Crystal Healing
  • Medical Intuition
  • Nutritional Cleansing

Prior to her transition into Energy Medicine Judi was a systems specialist with 12 years corporate experience in the field of Information Technology.  With this solid foundation, Judi brings stability and pragmatism to her energy healing practice.

What does over 12 years in the corporate world and over a decade of hands-on Energy Medicine mean to you?

Results, results, results!

Sessions with Judi are a powerful healing tool.  This is an effective program; straight to the point and totally results oriented.  It’s also enlightened, compassionate and inspiring.  Moving ahead doesn’t have to be hard.

This work does not replace medical care, but rather it works with any form of therapy or treatment to enhance and empower the natural healing process.

Important Appointment Information

Appointment Options

When booking appointments, there are two options:  1) Phone or Skype Call   2) Remote

All methods of treatment are equally effective. There is no obligation as to which method you choose or how often you come. I am here to assist you on your healing journey.

  1. Phone/Skype Call Appointment. You will be called at your scheduled time on the telephone number that you have provided.  If you are not at the number provided, a message will be left for you.  If you call back within the time frame of your session, you will be able to make use of the remaining time.  We ask that you sit or lie in a quiet location during the session. Have tissue, water, pen & paper handy.   Also, ensure that you will not be disturbed.  Please remove all distractions.  Be prepared to focus.  Do not eat, watch TV or use a computer or cell phone during the session.
  1. Remote Appointment. Judi will carry out the session at the appointed time and contact you by phone or email later that day to discuss what came up during your session.  If you would like to have anything in particular addressed, please call or email the office before your designated time and leave a message with my staff.  Clients that request remote appointments are asked to not drive or operate equipment during the scheduled time.

After Your Session

The  may bring on a “clearing”, where symptoms sometimes reappear before they are released. This may happen within 1-2 days; do not be alarmed. Be gentle with yourself.  After a session you may feel energized and light, or you may feel the need to rest a bit.  It is always best to cooperate with the guidance from your body.

All methods of treatment are equally effective. There is no obligation as to which method you choose or how often you come. I am here to assist you on your healing journey.

Privacy Policy

We will maintain your privacy in accordance with legislated requirements. From time to time, case histories may be presented in lectures or written material. All personal identifying information such as name, address, telephone number, and date of birth is excluded.


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