The CLEARING Experience

The CLEARING Experience

If you take your health and well-being to heart and are ready to move forward, you will find The Clearing Experience is straight to the point, effective and totally results oriented.  It is also compassionate and inspiring.  Moving ahead doesn’t have to be hard.

Are you stuck in a health, career, relationship or financial issue?  Clearing sessions with Judi are specifically designed for people who want to clear the blocks that are preventing them from leading a fulfilling life.

In the complex and busy world that is the 21st Century, many of us are feeling stuck and confused.  To add to the frustration the cause of our discomfort is often unclear.

How Did Life Become So Complicated?

Are you wondering…

  • What those migraines might really be about?energy healing
  • Why you can’t lose weight?
  • Why you have unresolved health issues?
  • Why your relationships are suffering?
  • Why you can’t forgive that special person in your life?
  • Why you’re anxious or depressed?
  • Why you are encountering business setbacks?
  • Why your career isn’t where you want it to be?
  • Why you can’t get your finances under control?
  • Why you’re not as happy as you want to be?

…these blocks may be holding you back.

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