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Our primary objective is to provide courses, classes, workshops and events that are liberating for the mind, rejuvenating for the body and unlimited in their capacity for expansion of the spirit.

We look forward to growing with you.

The Crystal Light Series

The Key to Healing Lies Within

The Crystal Light Series is designed for enthusiasts, healers and feelers of all types.  Whether you are new to the world of energy healing or you are seeking to enhance and expand your current portfolio of healing arts; all classes are enriched with information, offering an abundance of hands-on, practical application.

Classes may be attended by anyone wishing to gain some knowledge of energy healing for personal or professional use, or as an introduction to the Crystal Light Series in order to decide if the full course program is suitable for you.

Please Note:  There are 6 modules in the Crystal Light Series.  The first two are listed here.  Dates will be announced for the remaining modules in 2014.  Click here for details on the content of modules 3-6.


The Crystal Light Series

Module One – Crystal & Energy Awareness

This course is an introduction to the incredible vibrational energies of the crystal and mineral kingdom, as well as the human system of energy.  Discover, re-awaken and develop your unique healing gifts and talents with assistance from crystals; the earth’s tools of transformation and self-discovery.

  • What is Awareness?
  • The Art & Science of Energy Healing
  • Introduction to the Chakra System
  • Introduction to the Subtle Bodies
  • Aura Scanning & Energy Field Clearing
  • The Higher Self Connection
  • Healing Through the Heart
  • Energy Sensing
  • Crystals as Healing Tools
  • Pendulum Dowsing
  • Crystal Healing Layouts – Basic
  • Bringing It All Together

Module Two – Subtle Anatomy & Crystal ToolsCrystal & Energy Awarenss

This course is a deep journey into the fascinating and complex subtle energy system.  You will be introduced to crystal healing techniques which can assist in bringing all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into alignment.  This provides the clarity and focus for one to align with their life path.

  • Chakra System – Intermediate
  • Subtle Bodies –  Intermediate
  • Energy to Matter – Physical Map (organs & endocrines)
  • Trans-personal Vortex Portals
  • Etheric Body Healing
  • Intention & Magnetism
  • Crystal Healing Layouts – Intermediate


Schedule of Dates

Windsor, Ontario
  The Integrative Healing Arts Studio

Module One – Crystal & Energy Awareness

September 28 & 29

Module Two – Subtle Anatomy & Crystal Tools

November 23 & 24

 Module Three – Energy Clearing & Maintenance    April 26 & 27

Toronto, Ontario

Module One – Crystal & Energy Awareness

Nov 30 & Dec 1

Module Two – Subtle Anatomy & Crystal Tools


Victoria, British Columbia

Module One – Crystal & Energy Awareness

2014 – Watch for dates

Module Two – Subtle Anatomy & Crystal Tools


Any of the course modules may be taken in the location that suits your personal schedule.

Fees & Registration
Each module is a 2 day class at a fee of $280.

Early Bird SavingsTuition is reduced by $50 if you register and pay in full for any module one full month from the start date.

Instructor ~ Judi Bechard:  The classes were created and are taught by crystal healer, certified energy practitioner and teacher Judi Bechard.  Judi is in her second decade of providing healing services for clients and students across the globe.  She is also available for private consultations with you.  You can learn more about Judi on the web site.

What to Expect:

  • – Two full days of hands-on learning in an interactive environment
  • – 10am to 4pm each day (arrive at 9:30am on day one for sign in and seating)
  • – Course manual for each module

Catered Lunch Option:

  • –  Catered healthy gourmet organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan lunch catered by Wendy Paquette of Green Living Ontario $20. ($10 per day)
  • –  Including organic teas and pristine, alkalized water and healthy snacks throughout the day

What is Available: 

Crystal Kits and other lovely items will be available for purchase.

What To Bring With You:

  • – Pen and notebook
  • – Layer your clothing for your comfort.  It is not uncommon for temperature fluctuations when doing energy work
  • – If you have other special dietary needs you will needs not met by the lunch provided, be sure to bring your lunch with you.
  • – Open Heart and Mind  :)


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