Judi Bechard

How Can it POSSIBLY Get Any Better Than This?

I am absolutely willing to find out!

Twelve years of corporate experience followed by twenty years of clinical experience combined with a well-developed sense of humour and open attitude mean that my clients experience a relaxed and professional approach to resolving their challenges. I meet you exactly where you today are to help you clear your blocks and move forward with your life.

My firmly established roots in the international community of healthcare, personal growth and professional development have been fostered over 20 years.  My natural passion for discovery, delight and sharing are my guiding lights.

If you want a few more fun stories and take away tools from my highlights reel….keep reading!

My Impossible Life

My Career:

I remember a time when I was told that it was impossible for me to have a career in the field of Information Technology (IT) because I did not fit the profile.

Their judgement: I was not great in calculus, I was not a male and I was too flighty.

I was told it was impossible and did not let that sway me.

What really happened:  Imagine the surprise when my international career as an IT professional included the positions of network administrator, database programmer, Microsoft certified programmer and trainer in North America; IT Manager in both Canada and Scotland; Technical Consultant and Specialist for a Norwich Union, a multi-national giant in England and one of the largest employers in the United Kingdom.

Take Away Tool:

Would you be willing to embrace the idea that there is an easier way, even if you don’t know what that is?  Is it worth keeping yourself open to seeing and experiencing more than those around you?


My Health:

I remember a time when doctors told me it would be impossible for me to heal my chronic headaches.

Their judgement:  You will have to live with the headaches.

They said I would have to live with it. I did not agree.

What really happened:  During my 13 years of living with chronic pain, I continued searching for and found little known tools for self-healing. I applied these tools regularly.  Within 90 days my headaches were completely gone.

Take Away Tool:

Your judgement of something as impossible doesn’t make it so. What might happen if you were willing to be wrong about being right? Judgement creates barriers. The more judgements, the more barriers. We are creative beings living in a dynamic universe. Would you be willing to let go of your judgements and experience your life as dynamic?


My Career:

I remember a time when I was told it was impossible to make a living helping others clear their blocks, let alone travel around the world while doing it.

Their judgement:  You will not be able to support yourself.  It is to risky.

I was told I would have to get a real job and settle down.

What really happened: I am now in my 21st year as a Healer.  I have studied with the founders of ground-breaking techniques in four countries, launched a private practice, created a dynamic collection of tools for clients to use, trained hundreds of professionals, been featured in a documentary on health and wellness, and evolved The Clearing Experience into an dynamic offering, accessible to people worldwide.

The results people get from The Clearing Experience are remarkable. If you will indulge a proud facilitator for a moment; the people I work with embrace the tools I provide and surpass their every limitation.  They are an impressive bunch.

This has all been accomplished while living and working in four different countries so far; with my work currently reaching 18 countries and counting.

I had a vision and stuck with it and acted on it every day.

Take Away Tool:
Would you be willing to live beyond the what the world sees as possible? Consider what life might be like if every time you got the urge to “settle down” and “work hard” you chose to ride the wave of excitement and play. Would you be willing to see what that would create in your life?


Are YOU Ready To Create Your Own Impossible Life?  

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