Judi’s Training and Background

Judi’s Training and Background

Actively practicing in the healing arts since 2002, I work with clients in 8 countries and counting, in person, on the phone, and on Zoom (video meetings on the Internet).

I don’t’ bear the torch, I pass it.  I meet folks exactly where they are right now, and walk beside them as a healing guide and teacher as they locate and learn navigate by their inner compass.  This work leads people to nothing less than the discovery and direct experience of their own inner teacher and healer.

My firmly established roots in the international community of the healing arts, personal growth, and professional development have been fostered over 30 years.  My natural passion for discovery, delight, and sharing are my guiding lights.

I have formally trained in the following energy healing modalities:

  • – Eliminating Interference Patterns™
  • – Rapid Healing™
  • – Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • – Total Body Modification (TBM)™
  • – Therapeutic Touch™
  • – Medical Intuition
  • – Reiki

I am now in my 18th year of practice as a healing practitioner and teacher.  During that time my intense devotion to field of energy healing has seen me…

  • – Abandon a lucrative career in the IT Industry to devote myself to a private practice of energy healing.
  • – Study with the founders of ground-breaking energy healing techniques in four countries.
  • – Create a dynamic array of healing tools
  • – Train hundreds of professionals in energy healing techniques
  • – Foster the evolution of The Clearing Experience sessions and Infinite Awakenings teachings into a dynamic and powerful offering, accessible to people worldwide.

I also hold qualifications in Information Systems and spent 12 years working internationally as a Technical Specialist in the field of Information Technology.

In addition to my private energy healing practice, I am the Director of HealthCare Victoria, a community resource providing access to over 1600 natural healthcare providers.


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