Express Your Sacral Chakra

The 7 Week Chakra Tease

This article is the 2nd in a 7 part series inviting you to take a closer look…and feel…of your energy, one chakra at a time.

Express Your Sacral Chakra

If you have ever suffered from inhibitions and lack confidence in your feelings, or in your own sensuality, you may benefit greatly from exploring your sacral chakra.

This chakra resides in reproductive area and is associated with creativity and birth―both literally to a new baby but also metaphorically to new aspects of ourselves, projects and ideas. When this chakra is healthy, we are tapped into the source of higher energy that helps us write beautiful music, develop an innovative business, or create a loving family life. When this chakra becomes congested, we may experience a block in our creative powers and a sense of dryness or emptiness.

“E-motions are energy in motion. If they are not expressed, the energy is repressed. As energy it has to go somewhere. Emotional energy moves us, as does all energy. To deny emotion is to deny the ground and vital energy of life.”– John Bradshaw

The main function of this chakra is emotional flow. The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra Svadhisthana means sweetness. The essence of this chakra is revealed in the sweet exchange of intimacy and connectedness. Physiologically, the sacral chakra governs our sexual development and maturity, and the health of our reproductive and urinary systems. As well as sexual pleasure, the sweetness of the sacral can be experienced through nurturing ourselves with the simple pleasures of rest, good food, and tactile pleasures like dancing and massage.

Location: Lower abdomen, between naval and pelvic area.

Central issue: Sexuality, emotions, financial, creativity, codes of honour and ethics.

Color: Orange

Essential Oils:
Rosemary, juniper, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang.

Crystals and Stones:
Amber, Citrine, Topaz, Moonstone, Fire Agate, Orange Spinel, Fire Opal.

Orientation to self:

Pleasure, healthy sexuality, feeling.

To feel, to want.

Emotional identity

Level of relationship:


Endocrine gland:

Sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, the kidneys, appendix, bladder, prostate, hip area, the lymphatic system, all the body fluids;

Sexual, pleasure addiction; excessively sensitive and strong emotions; invasion of others, seductive manipulation; obsessive attachment; emotional dependency.

Poor social skills; frigidity, fear of sex, lack of desire, passion, excitement, denial of pleasure; fear of change; rigidity in attitudes

Graceful movements; emotional intelligence; ability to experience pleasure; nurture of self and others; ability to change; healthy boundaries

Physical Dysfunctions:
Sexual dysfunctions; ob/gyn. problems; Dysfunctions of reproductive organs, spleen, urinary system; loss of appetite for food, sex, life; chronic lower back pain, sciatica;

Alcohol, sex, heroin.

Traumas and Abuses:
Sexual, emotional abuse, neglect, rejection, emotional manipulation, physical abuse, alcoholic families, denial of child’s feelings, inherited (untreated incest, sexual issues)

Spiritual challenges:
Negative one-to-one control patterns need to be confronted.

Health Strategy:
Movement therapy, emotional release, inner child work, boundary work, assign healthy pleasures, develop sensate intelligence.


“Pleasure is a good and valuable part of my life.”
“I give myself permission to fully enjoy my sexuality.”
“I allow abundance and prosperity into my life.”
“I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.”
“I am open to experiencing the present moment through my senses.”
“The universe is full of sweetness and beauty.”

Take a few moments to sit in quiet reflection. Tune into your own sacral chakra and find the affirmations needed specifically for you at this time. They may be the same as those mentioned above, or you may find words that resonate more fully for you. Feel what you need to say to yourself to bring healing to your sacral chakra, and then take a few minutes each day this week to repeat them. Embody them. Believe them!

Imagine you are standing at the edge of an ocean. Directly above you is a luminous full moon, lighting the sky with a soft glowing light.

You feel bathed in this gentle light and feel it calm and relax your senses. Take a deep breath and tune into the moon’s connection to all living waters.…the movement of the tides of the ocean; the flow of blood within your own body. As you become more in tune with the moon you feel more connected to her wild and sensual feminine spirit.

The 7 Week Chakra Tease will continue next week with the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Think powerful yellow, mindfulness, intention and desire!

Until then….stay clear and breathe deeply.

In the Spirit of Clear Living,

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