How Can You Tell When You’ve Had Enough?

When you are angry enough will you find a way to make peace?

When you are uncomfortable enough will you find a way to get relief?

When you are motivated enough will you turn off the TV and get things done?

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Your Key to Healing

The word heal means to make whole or to restore health. A holistic approach to personal health addresses all aspects of the individual; the physical body, the awakening mind and the essential spirit.

A cut knows how to heal itself.  Your heart knows how to beat.  Your spirit whispers messages of awakening to your mind. Read More »

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What Else is Possible?

For two years now I have been deep diving into some of the dynamic and potent tools created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness.  I have been so impressed with the incredible amount of change I have created in my life that I have become an Access Conciousness Bars Facilitator.  How does it get any better than that?

I would like to share with you one of the amazing Access Consciousness tools. Read More »

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Who Were You Born to Be?

During this time of accelerated awakening many are looking to experience themselves as energy, space and consciousness. No longer satisfied with the lies and limited definitions of physical reality, people are finally willing to see who they truly are. Read More »

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I Will Rise

I Will Rise is the name of this song.  I invite you to enjoy the gift of Lucinda Drayton in this video.  Turn up your speakers and luxuriate in the beautiful music and striking message.

I am so grateful for this song, as it reminds me of the importance of acknowledging and receiving the gifts of your light and your dark.

Being alive is one thing.  Choosing to really live is the invitation that each moment extends.

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Your Attention Please

What is the resource that is most scarce?   More than energy, money, management, technology?

Let’s explore attention.

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