5 Lessons on Healing & Self-Knowledge

Self Knowledge: Knowledge or understanding of one’s own nature, abilities, and limitations; insight into oneself.

The path of holistic healing is synonymous with the path of self-knowledge. I did not know this when I began to consciously walk my own healing path. I was stuck; feeling lost, confused, and broken. I was in pain.

What I did not know then was the truth; the truth of who I truly was. As I began to see myself more clearly, feel myself more deeply, and know my true Self, I began to heal.

15 Years Working with Clients

Working with my clients during many thousands of sessions, workshops and retreats since 2002, I see the truth reflected in each unique person. There are some very clear healing patterns that demonstrate themselves over time. As self-knowledge emerges, healing takes place. As it is acknowledged, we realize the self.

5 Lessons on Healing and Self-Knowledge

1) Self-Knowledge is Self Love

You cannot love someone you don’t know. That’s why so many people don’t seem to love themselves, or each other; not because they don’t try, but because they don’t truly know who they are. Once you find who you are—who you really are—self-love is not an option, it is simply the truth. Once you see, you know. Once you know, you heal.

2) Believing all thoughts is a dangerous thing

It is quite common to lead with the head instead of the heart. To think you know, instead of actually knowing. To conceptualize, analyze, assume, and create stories (aka – alternate facts) in our minds.

Instead, I invite you to make conscious choices from your own knowing. Question opinions and thoughts as they arise, from yourself and others. Do I know this to be true? How does it feel when I take this in? Which direction feels correct for me?

Believing what you hear as fact, without sensing and knowing for yourself could take you on a significant detour; sometimes for more than one lifetime!

Discover the difference between what you (or others) think is true, and what is actually true.

Realize who you truly are, and who you think you are.

3) The discomfort of healing is not the same as the pain of being trapped

We often want a quick fix in order to make our emotional or physical pain go away. This can subdue the pain temporarily, but treating symptoms means the source of the pain is still not resolved, and we are none the wiser.

Yes, healing through something can be uncomfortable; making us want to defer, rush or give up. But the discomfort of overcoming difficulties on a healing path pales in comparison to the pain of being trapped in a situation from which you have no means to escape.

Nothing hurts more than choosing to leave yourself in a helpless and stagnant place.

“We change our behaviour when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change.”

~ Henry Cloud

4) You are the foremost expert on yourself

Self-discovery can be confusing. You can feel like no one has the answers for you. And they don’t. There is hidden magic in this discovery; to become aware that your answers lie within you. It is your path to discover how to activate and access your knowing. Other people’s words can inspire you, inform you, and, at best, give you valuable frameworks within which to place your experiences. But how you fill in those gaps and connect those dots—that is up to you. Teachers, books, guides and healing tools can point you to find those answers. Never forget, you are the one choosing the teacher, reading the books, listening to the guidance, and using the tools. The key to self-knowledge and healing lies within.

5) If you stop for every barking dog, you will never get where you are going

There will be a lot of barking dogs in life; distractions are ever present. Don’t kid yourself, life is full of them. If you are waiting for distractions to stop so you can begin, you are not going to get very far.

There will always be barking dogs. The question is are you going to stop or keep going?

Healing does not need to be daunting or isolating. Yes, an experienced and qualified guide, and access to good information, can considerably shorten your learning curve and provide support and stability along the way. But most importantly, embrace the empowering healing journey of self-knowledge.

Self-Knowledge will guide you everywhere your heart knows you want to go, even if your head hasn’t worked it out yet!  ~ Judi Bechard


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