Shift Happens! Are YOU the Key to Change?


As each of us works towards individual change, we change the world.

If you do not like living on a planet where the water is polluted, consider that your body is made up of more than 70% water. What will you do in your own life to stop polluting yourself mentally, emotionally and physically?

May I not pollute myself if the polluting of the world bothers me.

If you do not like living in a world of oppression, consider how you oppress your true nature each day by holding back love through self-judgment? What will you do in your own life to anchor more love and tenderness?

 May I not oppress myself if the oppression of others bothers me.

If you are overwhelmed by the suffering and pain that you see in the world, consider how you oppress yourself by suppressing love and blessings in your life. What will you do in your life to be an anchor for love that is the antidote to suffering?

 May I not suffer by suppressing love in my life if the suffering of the world bothers me.

You don’t have to be against the world to change it. BE THE CHANGE by looking in your life to se where you are being called to CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

Your inner reality is not causing the outer world problems, but your outer reality is showing you what you can change from the inside. It truly is an inside job.

Ever wonder why you are here? What you see that bothers you is a clue.

If it bothers you, change it.

Be the love, energy, space and consciousness it takes to change the world. Be the love it takes to light up the planet.

We contribute to collective change through our individual journey.

Are you ready?

You become change by allowing the light and love of consciousness to change you and change you for good.

You become an anchor for divine love on the planet.

YOU change the world by BEING in it.

 Are you ready to be what you came here to be?

Are you ready to do what you came here to do?


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