What Box?

Many people have become preoccupied with trying to think out of the box, jump over hurdles, heal their past or overcome a challenge. I have even encountered people feeling guilty because they have no problems. Yep…..their problem is that they have no problems.

The media is saturated with stories of everyday heroes rising above. Has overcoming something become the latest craze?

What about those who are just going about their business? No drama, not much fuss.

After some reflection you might notice that the biggest hurdle you have to jump is the one you have set for yourself.

What if you did not perceive a box, a hurdle, a wounded past, a challenge. What if you cleared all these points of view?

Never mind thinking outside of the box. How about letting go of the belief that there is one?

Would you be willing to choose a life like that? Would you enjoy the freedom?

Is now the time?

Not sure where to begin?  Would a Clearing Session help?  Call me to explore your options today.


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