Who Were You Born to Be?

During this time of accelerated awakening many are looking to experience themselves as energy, space and consciousness. No longer satisfied with the lies and limited definitions of physical reality, people are finally willing to see who they truly are.

It begs the question…
Who Were You Born To Be?

Are you willing to see?

Are you willing to be?

I wonder how much fun you could create?

Here is a wonderful song from Lucinda Drayton called Who You Were Born to Be.  I am so grateful for her talent, inspiration and generoousity of spirit.

Enjoy this uplifting tune and I-double-dog-dare-you lyrics!  (here is a wee sample of her poetry)

No more time to waste on photos of the past
There’s a star with your name on a love that’s gonna last

So stop all your excuses, got the answers all for free
Jump off that cliff and be who you were born to be

I wonder how loud your speakers go?  ;)

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