Your Attention Please!

What is the resource that is most scarce?   More than energy, money, management, technology?


It’s attention!

What a bizarre answer you may say sceptically?

Let’s explore attention.

You probably recognize the feeling when someone gives you their full attention.  You may recognize this as a feeling of warmth, fullness, a complete exchange.  It just feels “right”.  This happens when the attention you get is in full capacity.  However, when somebody gives you only partial attention, you also feel this right away.  You feel an absence; that not all of what you expressed was heard or understood.

Sometimes a word in a conversation triggers your memory and you focus on the scenario of your mind and not on conversation that is actually taking place.   When we are talking to others and their attention is triggered away from the conversation we can feel uneasy in a situation where there is partial attention.  We do it all the time to each other… sometimes we are asleep at the wheel and sometimes it is those we are interacting with who are not paying attention.  We are trigged by so many inputs in ourselves and from outside environment.

What are the inner rules that drive your attention from one object to another?

Who programs attention? You of course! – But How?

For the next few days I invite you to pay attention you where you place your attention.

Observe your attention.  Where does it come come from?  Where does it go?  Who has control of it?  This could be an interesting journey to discover your inner behaviour, actions and reaction; like following a flowchart. Observing with attention, attentiveness and inattentiveness, will teach something about ourselves.

Are You ready to get CLEAR about where you spend Your Attention?

In the Spirit of CLEAR Living,

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