Clearing Sessions – What to Expect

Clearing SessionsEnergy Healing
A compassionate approach to your healing journey

The body and mind have an inherent knowledge and ability to heal. When healing does not occur it is because there is a block or disharmony.  Energy healing taps into that knowledge and unlocks the ability to manifest its own healing wisdom and balance.

What is Energy Healing?
As an Intuitive Consultant and Healer, Judi is able to feel sense and see energy fields in, through and around the human body.  Working from the knowledge that we are created in a state of wellness and balance, Judi communicates with the energy field to discover any energy irregularities, discomfort, or “dis-ease”.  She then works with you, gently going to the heart of the matter, to determine what is creating the body’s discomfort and to help release it. During each session, as your personal guide, Judi works with your energy and chakras at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Energy healing only works with what the mind can handle or the body can accept and process.  The wisdom of the body and soul is very wise and knows exactly what it needs.  Judi honours that process. The treatment offered is not conventional nor is it a replacement for any other healing modality or therapy, whether it is traditional or alternative. Rather, Energy Healing works as a complement to these other healing modalities or techniques.


Clearing Sessions are one-to-one treatments of Energy Healing

Clearing Sessions offer you an avenue for finding freedom from anything that is holding you back from living the life you know, deep down, is possible. These sessions provide an opportunity for you to discover and clear hidden interference patterns that keep you blocked in life, health, finances, love, and happiness.

Can you explain more about Energy Healing?

All matter is made up of energy and carries a frequency or vibration.  The cells in our body carry vibration as well.  Healthy cells carry a high vibration.  When we are experiencing blocks in our relationships, health, finances, and career, what we are feeling is a low vibration.  We feel stuck.  Low vibration energy patterns are held in place predominantly at the subconscious level.  These energy interference patterns can slow down and even distort the energy around the cells and create dis-ease.  In the practice of Energy Healing within Clearing Sessions, we facilitate the release of limiting vibrations.

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Clearing Sessions are a wonderful compliment to any of the traditional, medical or non-traditional methods of wellness that are widely available. It can greatly assist and accelerate your progress and stages of healing on your path to your personal wellness goals; giving you the added benefit of increased life force and a balanced system of energy in order to assist the innate healing abilities of your body, mind and personal spirit.

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These sessions facilitate the re-connection of you with your own source of wisdom. By discovering and acknowledging hidden parts of you that are compromised, healing and re-balancing allows you to have new realizations of inner peace, meaning, and the release of suffering.  Once suffering is released, the truth emerges with grace and ease.

Clearing Sessions are specifically designed to help you clear blocks, regain equilibrium and move forward in your life.

Clients frequently work with me in these areas:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Finances

After Clearing sessions clients experience:

  • Clarity
  • Solutions to problems they have been stuck on
  • Enhanced grace and ease with life
  • Increased emotional well-being
  • Lightness and relief
  • Inner stillness
  • Less pain
  • Increased understanding of their life
  • A sense of connection and personal authority

Clearing Sessions are effective, straight to the point and 100% results oriented.  They are also brimming with compassion and inspiration; helping you move forward with a smile.

Twenty-one years of clinical experience combined with a well-developed sense of humour and open attitude means that my clients experience a relaxed and professional approach.  You will directly benefit from my formal studies, personal mentoring, clinical experience and  personal dedication which are integral to The Clearing Experience.

Clearing Sessions take place over the phone, Zoom or in person.

Medical Considerations
Clearing Sessions are are not a replacement for medical care.  They work with any form of therapy or treatment to enhance and empower your results.


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