Tool Time: Heavy & Light

Heavy & Light Tool

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Dr. Dain Heer on the Heavy & Light Tool               Bert & Ernie Play the Heavy & Light Game

This is a simple and potent tool to use that can show you what is true for you. That which is true for you will feel light and that which is a lie for you feels heavy.

To help you begin exploring with this tool, here are two video clips.  The first video is from Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness, talking about the Heavy & Light Tool and how to use it.

In the second video Bert and Ernie demonstrate Heavy & Light.  How often do we forget how much we are working to carry stuff that is not true for us?  I wonder what it would be like to choose light instead of heavy?  In this video, who looks like they are having more fun?

When something feels light there is a sense of space, levity, possibility and expansion; when something feels heavy, there is a sense of weight, density, conclusion and contraction.  You can use this tool with anything and everything.

Sometimes the light and heavy you sense does not make logical sense and that’s OK.   Figuring it out is not a requirement!  Play with this tool and learn to sense the energy of what is true for you!

I wonder what using this tool would create in your life?

In the Spirit of Infinite Awakenings!



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