Infinite Awakenings Meditation Circle on Zoom

6 Week Infinite Awakenings Meditation Circle on Zoom

Wednesday from 4 pm to 5:00 pm Pacific; 7 PM to 8:00 PM Eastern.

Deep dive into healing meditative states under Judi’s guidance.
Learn about new ways to apply spiritual healing and wisdom to everyday life. 

Supportive and loving group energy and pure spiritual intention can greatly assist in the acceleration of awakening, spiritual growth, learning, and healing.  (aka – conscious evolution)  This gathering is for the sole purpose of fostering an environment of awakening from within.  An opportunity to cultivate a healthy and real relationship with one’s Inner Teacher.

Healthy Boundaries:
Each participant is asked to set aside personal opinions and politics for the duration of the gathering.  Worldly distractions pull our attention away from our essential nature.  This is an opportunity to surrender all external chaos and settle more deeply within than ever before.  Come rest in the heart and be totally present.  We respect and honour each person in a dignified manner during this spiritual exploration.  Refrain from offering advice or comments to other participants, before, during, or after the gathering.  Respect for the sanctity and privacy of each one’s inner journey is essential.


Participant Preparation:
Come prepared.  Rinse off before you arrive. Use your discernment to determine what state you are in prior to each weekly gathering.  Please arrive ready to go deep within.  If you have had a busy day or you are feeling distracted please take time to settle into yourself before the gathering.  Five minutes of mindful breathing can go a long way.  If you need a bit more time to let the dust settle I suggest taking 13 minutes with the following guided meditation.
As Above, So Below guided meditation.


What to Expect:
After exchanging greetings we will get settled into our inner work.  There will be a theme each week with a spiritual teaching, contemplation, or sharing of some kind, followed by a time to go within and deepen your relationship with Self, fostering an environment of Self-healing and Self-knowledge.  I will coordinate the flow of the gathering with music, guided or silent meditations, self-healing techniques, spiritual teachings, etc.


After each gathering you will receive a free audio link to the recording so you can download and listen.  This can be helpful if you have a schedule conflict and have to miss one of the gatherings or you would like to listen again.  Your video image is not recorded or shared.


A sliding scale is offered, from $60 ($10 per week) to $300 ($50 per week), for the 6 week meditation series.  Interac payments can be sent to


If you have any further questions, please do get in touch.

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